Classic Car Days Adelboden

A new event in the calendar for anyone passionate about classic motors is taking place on 14-15 June 2019 at the “ Adelboden Classic Car Days ”.
Vehicles of all makes and origins manufactured before 1974 can be admired in all their glory as they drive between Frutigen and Adelboden, as well as to Geils and over Stiegelschwand on the Saturday. Then on Sunday there will be a “ Concours d’Elegance ” taking place on Dorfstrasse in Adelboden with judges made up from the public deciding which of the cars wins “ best of show ”.

Adelboden Classic Car Days is certain to become a byword for authenticity, originality and tradition in a new and visible way.


Herdsman's Audit Adelboden 7. June 2019

On 7 June 2019, the herdsmen bargain for the last remaining grazing pastures for the alpine summer and the children beg their parents for some pocket money.
Adelboden’s mountains have been divided into grazing pastures for as long as anyone can remember. Each mountain has sufficient grazing for a given number of cows. But as the number of cows belonging to a farmer varies from year to year, there remain a few unallocated pastures before the annual procession up to higher ground. The purpose of the Herdsman’s Audit is to bargain for these.

The colourful Spring Market in Adelboden is a not-to-be-missed event for locals and visitors alike.




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