New: 4-seater Bergläger - Höchst chair lift and scenic trail from Höchst - Sillerenbühl

The new four-seater Bergläger – Höchst chair lift also runs over summer weekends, opening up the magnificent, new, scenic trail – Höchst – Hahnenmoos – Sillerenbühl.
Höchst – Sillerenbühl panoramic trail
This beautiful Alpine hike opens up the entire valley end from the world-famous Chuenisbärgli to the climbing tower in front of the Niesen mountain chain. The start of this horseshoe-shaped tour takes place at almost 2000 metres above sea level with the chair lift saving you time at the weekend between Bergläger and Höchsthorn. Following the mountainside, walkers first come to Bütschi – the home of the legendary Vogellisi – and then continue on to Hahnenmoos Pass. Here, the panorama opens to reveal the Simmental Valley, but the curve of the tour takes you to the right towards Silleren. The three-and-a-half hour tour concludes with a descent by Trottinett scooter, and the gondola lift takes you comfortably back towards the valley.

Start: Höchst, accessible on Sat/Sun by chair lift from Bergläger (which is reached by the Silleren gondola lift)
Destination: Sillerenbühl, accessible by Silleren gondola lift
Walking Time: about 3.5 hours
Altitude: Climb 520 m, descent 420 m




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  • hotel La Métairie



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