Herbal Stamp Massage

The herbal stamp massage is a thermal treatment originally from Asia. The body is kneaded with plenty of warm high-quality oil and hot herbal stamps. The oils enter into deep dermal layers and cause a special elasticity of the skin, stimulate the metabolism and activate the self-healing process. As a result of stroking the meridians the poise is re-established. The treatment acts absolutely relaxing.
The herbal stamp massage is not exclusively a well-being treatment, it is rather a diverting process. Our largest sense organ, the skin and the subjacent lymphatic system are activated, stimulated to clearing and the absorbed herbal essences are distributed in the whole organism to realize its full
effect there. The medicinal benefit of herbs is well-known.
60 min CHF 120.00

You can choose the herbs for your herbal stamps on your own.



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